Would you like to find a law firm that has solicitors that can help you resolve a speeding citation that you have received? Most people will agree that having legal help for these situations can usually lead to reduced penalties. You will want to use one of the leading speeding defence solicitors, one that has a reputation for defending motorists that have been charged with many different types of motoring offenses. In particular, you need to find a speeding solicitor that can help you with your case.

How To Select The Right One

You can select the right motoring offense solicitor by evaluating each of the websites that you find. This is the easiest way to get a cursory overview of the type of services that they offer. Expensive law firms that you may want to use can handle far more than speeding offenses. On top of having speeding solicitors, they can also help with drink driving charges, road traffic sign offenses, and careless driving charges. In addition to being comprehensive, they should also be willing to work with you with your speeding offense.

How Can They Help With Speeding Offenses?

If you have been charged with a speeding offense, you will face a Fixed Penalty Notice. Speeding tickets typically lead to three penalty points. Since only 12 penalty points are allowed over the course of three years, this is a substantial amount. The speeding solicitor will try to negotiate with the court, potentially lowering the number of points that you will be given. They may recommend alternatives to the points such as changing this to taking a speed awareness course.

When Should You Contact A Motoring Offense Solicitor?

After you have received the citation, it is highly recommended that you contact one of these lawyers immediately. You can talk to them about your situation, how many driving citations you have already received, and find out how they can help you. If you already have obtained close to 12 penalty points, you could lose your license unless these legal professionals can intervene. You will need to contact several of them, one of which will have the time to represent your case.

Different Ways That They Can Help You Avoid Penalty Points

A speeding solicitor really is the best solution for addressing speeding citations. If you have already amassed several points in the last few years, you probably cannot afford to get very many more. They will argue your case, presenting evidence that may help you avoid getting any additional Fixed Penalty Points. This will include talking about expired time limits, the absence of signage, and the unreliability of speed detection devices. This type of defense is only possible if you take the time to locate the best speeding solicitor that will be willing to represent you.

This overview of how to locate a local motoring offense solicitor will lead you to one that will have the ability to reduce your charges. If this is your first offense, it is likely the court will be more lenient, especially if you have legal representation. Once you have retained one of these speeding solicitors, you will have the best chance possible of avoiding stiff penalties from the court.