When a court case does not go in your favor, and your solicitor has seemingly done their best, we often believe that we have no recourse from that point forward. We must assume that the attorney has done their job, and that it was simply a case that could not be won. However, the lack of a victory could be the result of negligence on the part of the solicitor. There are times when cases are so obviously in the favor of one person, yet they lose, and often times it is the fault of the legal team that was representing their client. You can actually sue a solicitor if they have been negligent in representing you. There are attorneys that will go after other legal professionals. Let’s go over what a negligence solicitor does, and then how you can find one that might be able to help you recover what you have lost.

What Do Negligence Solicitors Do For Their Clients?

When a solicitor is negligent, this simply means that they have not taken all of the possible steps to help their client when their case. Most of the time, solicitors are doing their absolute best, and they may simply be fighting an uphill battle that they simply cannot win. There are times, however, when there is obvious negligence on the part of a solicitor that has lost a case. They may even have multiple cases where this same type of outcome has occurred. That’s why you need to find solicitors that are willing to evaluate the legal professional that you just used and determine if you can sue them for damages.

Where To Find These Negligent Solicitors

These legal professionals advertise in physical papers, directories, and also on the web. Most of them today have a website, and they will also use online advertising. This is how they are able to find the vast majority of their clients. You will find them listed with other solicitors that are also offering their services, despite the fact that they go after their own. However, it is a good thing that there are solicitors that will pursue other legal professionals for negligence as it will keep everyone honest in this profession.

How Will These Cases Work?

In the same way that a person will initially meet with a solicitor to discuss their case, you will do the same with a negligence solicitor. They will listen to your case, and you will provide them with all of the documentation that your prior solicitor gave to you. They will evaluate what they have done, looking at each and every decision that they have made, and come to a conclusion on the type of conduct that they had. If they believe it is a clear cut case of negligence, they will take your case on right away. Most do not charge a fee of any kind until they are able to win against the other lawyer, and they will receive a percentage of those proceeds.

Working with a negligence solicitor might be a good decision to make. You may feel wronged by the law firm that just lost your case. By simply having one of these legal professionals look at what the other solicitor did, they may determine that they can pursue them for damages. Call a few of these negligence solicitors up today and set a no cost no obligation appointment. This might be the best decision that you can make if you honestly feel that you should have won your lawsuit.